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About Us

We are a company specialized in developing legal tools for lawyers, judicial powers, universities and other public and private entities. In addition, we provide constant processing of legal content, seeking to contribute to the dissemination of Latin American Legal knowledge.

A pioneer in the use of new technologies applied to Law, IJ International Legal Group is made up of different business units designed for professionals, the academic world and legal institutions.

Thus, IJ International Legal Group offers various consultation spaces through the following specialized tools: IJ Editores, Lejister.com, LEX-CORE, Wolap,  and Desarrollos Tecnológicos. 

Our goal is that all members of the legal field can optimize their working time, guaranteeing the quality of the content through products designed for each case and integrating the new technologies applied to the most prestigious legal content in each of the countries where it is present.
IJ International Legal Group is the indispensable ally for legal professionals.

Our products

Lejister.com is the Online Legal Platform that provides legal professionals with the most relevant answer for each case or legal matter in an efficient and effective way. You will have unlimited access to legal information 24 hours a day, from any place and device.
Lejister.com combines technology and experience to offer you:
- Jurisprudence: The judgments of all the Courts, including leading cases
most relevant, updated daily with specialized analysis
made by our team.
- Legislation: All current regulations essential for the exercise of the profession.
Codes, Laws and Decrees updated.
- Doctrine: Thanks to agreements with the most prestigious institutions, we have
with publications directed by renowned Latin American jurists.
- Models: A useful tool that includes a wide variety of writings,
contracts and other legal pieces available for online editing and
- eBooks: From renowned authors from various areas of Law and from the best publishing funds in Latin America.
- Videos: Of conferences, congresses and seminars related to the bases of Jurisprudence, Legislation and Doctrine.
- More than 300 Legal Journals of the most prestigious Institutions and authors in Latin America.
- Tools: A variety of tools designed to facilitate and respond
to the specific needs of professionals.
- More than 50 of the most recognized Editorial Funds in Latin America.
Lejister.com - Agile Searches, Relevant Answers

IJ Editores is the leading Editorial Fund in Legal Journals
Latin American.
Our label has more than 150 periodical publications 
of the most prestigious academic institutions of the Sciences
Legal, constantly updated, that provide content of various
branches of Law, promoting the dissemination of
Latin American legal knowledge.
We also have a wide variety of books in version printed and
in digital format (eBook).
IJ Editores - Latin American publisher leader in legal publications

Our Desarrollos Tecnológicos are designed to provide efficient responses to the new requirements of current users. In this way, we give them access to quality content and the latest technology in the legal world, immediately and from anywhere.
The products we offer include specific search engines for Jurisprudence, Legislation, an academic platform with Doctrinal content and the most relevant eBooks in the legal world. We also provide special services for Institutions and Apps.
We seek to benefit our clients and partners, increasing transparency and access to legal information, through the innovative design of databases and platforms of special legal content for Judicial Powers, academic institutions and State agencies.

Wolap is the only Legal E-learning Platform in Latin America, intended for the delivery of Courses and the management of legal educational material through the Internet. With a simple and functional interface, it allows access to a variety of Courses from various branches of Law, with updated Latin American Legal Content and exclusive audiovisual material from prestigious and recognized specialists.

Wolap arises in times of hyperconnectivity, responding to a new learning paradigm.

Professionals, having an active role in the Courses, develop a high capacity for self-management of their training, managing to function with responsibility, commitment and autonomy. In addition, participation, intercommunication and discussion among peers are encouraged, through forums created exclusively for each Course.
Wolap - Legal E-learning Platform. 


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